National Nutrition Month


The month of March is National Nutrition Month and today, March 9th, happens to be Registered Dietitian Day. Nutrition is not only important in March but all year long. Below 10 dietitians give us some advice on how they incorporate nutrition into their lives.

  1. Eat more whole plants. You can gain more health benefits by filling up your plate with at least three-fourths plant foods, such as beans, lentils, whole grains, like quinoa, brown rice, and farro; vegetables, and fruits. – Sharon Palmer (RDN)
  2. Combine your food. Combining foods such as carbohydrates and protein will make you feel fuller and more satisfied. – Sarah Koszyk (MA, RDN)
  3. Make time to eat with those you love. It is important to make quality time for your loved ones so why not do it with a meal. –Toby Amidor (MS, RD)
  4. Have a plan of action. Have a meal plan for the week and stock your pantry accordingly. –Michelle Dudash (RDN)
  5. Plan, prepare, and store healthy meals for the week. Take 3 to 4 hours on a day that you have some extra time to cook 4-5 healthy meals for the week. Store those meals in the refrigerator so that you and your family can just reheat, eat and go. – Heather Mangieri (RDN, CSSD)
  6. Get real with your food. Don’t diet, don’t cleanse, and don’t hop on any bandwagon of the moment. Just get real with your food and find your way into the kitchen and garden. – Robyn Webb (MS)
  7. Get to know your body. You can start by using your body’s physiological responses to learn what is helping or hurting you (hunger, stress level, energy levels, digestion, etc.) Assess your sleep, daily routines, and environment and how it affects your eating. Stop and ask yourself, ‘why am I eating this?'” –Jim White (RD, ACSM, EP)
  8. One meal won’t make or break your health but trends in your diet will. For the majority of the week choose to fill half your plate with plant-based fresh foods and less of the plate with meat. Choose whole grains, beans and fish over highly processed foods. –Christy Wilson (RD)
  9. Punch up your fiber. Fiber has a ton of health benefits and it keeps us full. –Shelly Marie Redmond (MS, RD, LDN)
  10. Quality over quantity. Focus on eating whole foods that are prepared simply. –Marjorie Nolan Cohn (MS, RDN, CSSD, CEDRD)

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