Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Your Food

Last week’s blog was about recycling items such as plastic, so I thought this week should be all about food. Food waste is a big problem here in the US. We waste over 20lbs of food per person per month. When we reduce, reuse, and recycle we mostly think about plastic, glass, and aluminum products; however, this can be applied to food as well.


First you need to know what food you already have in your house. Then try to make some meals with the food you have or incorporate them into future meals. Also when shopping, create a grocery list based off of a meal plan for the week and make sure not to buy something you already have.


If you have any leftovers make sure to use them. You can take them for lunch, reheat them for a quick dinner, or incorporate them into a new meal. You can also donate any food that you won’t eat.


Any food you have left after you reduce and reuse can be made into compost. The nutrients of the compost improve the quality of the soil, making it more drought resistant and reducing the need for other fertilizers.


These simple steps can save money and the planet.


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