The Impact of Plastic Water Bottles


Last week I wrote a blog about a company that is developing an edible water “bottle.” Why is this so important? The use of plastic water bottles has a large impact on the environment. First of all plastic water bottles are 100% recyclable; however, only 27% are actually recycled. 35 billion bottles end up in landfills, where they never degrade, or in oceans harming birds and marine life. The carbon footprint for one 500ml bottle of water is 82.8g of CO2. This number includes the bottle, distribution and transportation, the cardboard tray used in the packaging, and energy used by the retailor. Water from overseas can have and even higher footprint. Also the amount of water used to make the plastic water bottle is 3x the amount that goes in the bottle. Bottled water is necessary for people who don’t have access to clean drinking water; however, here in the US most of the drinking water is safe. We also have the option to use filters on our drinking water to make it even better. Getting rid of plastic bottles will save money and the environment.

To learn more visit Water Technology for the “How to Reduce Your Bottled Water Footprint” infographic:


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