Reduce Your Food Waste with the FoodKeeper App


A few weeks ago I posted a blog about how much food Americans waste and how to reduce your food waste. Because of this, I have been looking for an easier way to keep track of food and when it expires. Of course there was already an app for that called FoodKeeper. This app was created by the USDA to help families make better use of the food they purchase.

The FoodKeeper app offers advice on over 400 items. Below are some of its features:

  • Storage timelines for the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry.
  • Cooking tips to prevent foodborne illnesses.
  • A calendar to help you manage your food storage.

The app is part of an effort called the U.S. Food Waste Challenge. Below are the goals:

  • Reduce food waste by improving product development, storage, shopping/ordering, marketing, labeling, and cooking methods.
  • Recovering food waste by connecting food donors to food banks.
  • Recycle food waste to create compost, fertilizers, bioenergy, or feed animals.

p.s. Don’t forget the Nature-Kleen and the Vege-Kleen can double the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables possibly reducing your food waste.


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