How Much Food Do You Waste?


Do you ever think about how much food you waste? I know I never used to think about it. When you’re only thinking about how much food you waste it doesn’t seem so bad, but when you add together the waste of everyone in America, it becomes a big problem. Learning how to reduce your food waste can potentially save you money, help the earth, help a person in need, and save water.

These are a few facts from the EPA about wasted food:

  • In 2012, Americans sent about 35 million tons of wasted food to landfills. That’s 21% of the food that we grew, harvested, and bought that year.
  • The food Americans waste each day can fill the Rose Bowl Stadium.
  • A family of four loses $1,600 every year from the wasted food they toss out.
  • Grocery stores, universities, stadiums and other similar businesses lose close to $165 billion on wasted food every year.
  • 13% of our country’s greenhouse gas emissions are created by growing and distributing food.
  • More than 95% of food waste that could be composted goes to landfills instead. When wasted food goes to landfills, it generates methane as it decomposes.
  • 25% of our country’s freshwater supplies go to producing food that gets wasted.

Here are a few ways to reduce food waste:

  • Plan out your meals and only buy what you need for those meals. It also helps to shop on a full stomach.
  • Don’t buy in bulk just because it’s cheaper. Only buy the quantity that you truly need.
  • Put new groceries in the back so that you use the old ones before they expire.
  • Reuse food for another meal.
  • Find new ways to use all of your produce before it goes bad.
  • Always take home your leftovers from a restaurant.
  • Learn what fruits and vegetables can be frozen.
  • Find out if there is a composting service in your area, or you can even do it yourself.
  • Donate food that you won’t use by the expiration date.

We hope you will join us end food waste for good.


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