National Water Safety Month

The month of May is National Water Safety Month. In honor of National Water Safety Month many aquatic centers host free swimming and safety lessons. This comes at the perfect time since summer is right around the corner.  At our local aquatic center they have a day where kids, ages five and up, can swim with Olympic champions and learn about water safety. For more information on this event view the flyer at the bottom of this page.

Below are some safety tips for National Water Safety Month:

  1. Never leave a child alone, or out of your eyesight, in or near a pool, spa, or hot tub—not even for a second.
  2. Access to the pool, spa, or hot tub should be limited by locked doors and/or gates whenever swimming or soaking cannot be supervised.
  3. Do not allow the use of a pool or spa, or operate it, if a suction outlet fitting is missing, broken, or loose. You may get entrapped.
  4. Never play or swim near suction fittings (drains). Your body or hair may be trapped, causing permanent injury or drowning.
  5. Keep toys, particularly tricycles or wheel toys, away from the pool, spa, or hot tub. A child playing with these could accidentally fall into the water.
  6. Do not engage in extended breath-holding activities underwater. You may black out and drown.
  7. Do not allow anyone of any age to swim without a “spotter” nearby. Examples of good safety behavior by adults are important for your children.

**You can find these and many other water safety tips at**



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