Our Spring Special is Here!


Spring is almost here! That means it is time for our Spring Special. The product we have chosen for the season is the ID-125. Regular price is $130.00, but throughout spring you can get your ID-125 for only $109! Along with some spring cleaning this product will make your house feel fresh and clean.

Below are a few tips to help prepare you for spring cleaning.

  • Get your supplies ready ahead of time so that you don’t have to stop in the middle of cleaning to go buy a supply.
  • Get rid of unnecessary items around your house and it will look less cluttered.
  • Set realistic goals. You most likely won’t be able to clean your house in one day so pick a couple of rooms to do each day.
  • Get everyone in the house involved. Even little things for kids will help you out.
  • Once everything is done reward yourself. It can be something simple such as frozen yogurt or something new for the house. Of course, the best reward is the clean house itself.

Click here to view the ID-125.


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